Friday, 28 March 2014

A lounge at NICE Road, Bangalore

Sitting in front of the monitor definitely creates boring environment around, a camera is best friend for one who really likes to be a part of the nature and the visiting places, in fact camera is one of the best tonic for depression and loneliness only if one will used to Throttle level then only you will came to know about the difference b/w the eye and lens. It was long journey with my camera and i was really struggling to get good quality of pictures, it's sure that one will buy a camera looking at the price and the rankings. I was the same fellow who followed the same criteria, once i got the camera then only i came to know about the different level of photographic skills, i came to know about lot of options inside the camera, here is the below points i have learned by typing in Google.

1. Shutter speed
2. Aperture
3. ISO
4. Light metering
5. Exposure compensation
6. Picture control (Editing)
7. White Balance (PRE)
8. Focus points
9. HDR option only you will get in Nikon 5100
10. Long Exposure

and one more option is using the Gray card as white balance. After i learned these options i feel free in Manual mode. A struggle free shooting where-ever i go ! and more to come in my blog. Catch me on future collections of my photos.

I took some best shots at NICE road, in fact it was a rainy day and plenty of greenery. I have tried these shots with HDR option too.
Toll Gate Hosakerehalli

From Hosakerehalli near Turalli Gudda

Clover Leaf

Freedom Park

Towards Mysore road

Nandi Basaveshwara temple area

Nandi Basaveshwara temple

Almost Evening

Nandi Basaveshwara temple Hemmigepura

Mysore Road

vishwa vokkaligara mahasamsthana

Ganesha Temple


Vinayaka temple inside the Vishwa Okkaligara Mahasamsthana Matt, Kengeri
nice road bangalore

Evening at nice road bangalore

Good Night


  1. Excellent clicks. If you dont mind I would like join with you a photography travel. I have been using the DSLR Cannon 600D but still I did not understand its feature. Do you conduct/interest in photography.

    1. That's a good Idea, next week i will be going to my native, we will plan for the beautiful Place Budanur and Basaralu in Mandya District, famous for Architecture.