Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Notifying Elemadilu tea estate on the way to Sringeri via Balehonnur

On the way to Sringeri we came across lot of scenes where i have caught the snaps of a beautiful tea estate which is between Balehonnur to Sringeri. As the tag is a traveling photography which tends me to take some good snaps. This tea estate comes on the right side while traveling from Balehonnur to Sringeri, definitely on will stop for a while to catch the beauty of the nature and the surroundings. We have a very limited number of tea growing areas in Karnataka where the Coffee is the majority in plantation. Samse tea Estate (Sri Ganga tea depot OR Goomkhan estate) and Kelagur tea point both are the biggest one which are on the same belt, by this i am slightly going to highlight the places where one can enjoy the nature to the closest. Many of us having the same level of mind to enjoy the beauty of the nature and for those this blog will provide the best time to get around and will help to identify the places to get marked for the next trip.

Balehonnur to Sringeri - 38 KM

Balehonnur to Sringeri Raod

Tea Estate near Balehonnur

On the way

Chikmagalur Tea estates


Tea point

Balehonnur Tea Plantations

Final Shot

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