Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A walk around Mysore palace

One can shoot best shots in the evening walk around the Mysore palace, we had a great day and beautiful light to fulfill the colors and get the perfection on shots. A place where numerous cultural and political activities were happening, now it is meant for visitors and tourists. Most of the government and private buildings where architecture resembles the Mysore palace including the footpaths and gardens, I have took some best snaps on the way to home.

Mysore Palace

A road around the palace


Evening lights

One more

Close up

Palace gate

Gate way !

Perspective View

Jaya Marthanda

Other view

Need Eagle Eyes to view the Eagles


  1. Hi Sharath, it would be helpful if you could put the photo details like aperture and focus details.

    1. Interestingly i was also looking on these in my initial days of photography, later i spent lot of time with aperture, Shutter speed, in camera light metering and ISO, i used to stick on Manual mode, then came with these results. I suggest you to spend time to know these in YouTube and stick with the manual mode.

  2. Thanks for your feedback.. I am looking into those videos, but the photos captured by you are awesome...