Friday, 19 August 2016

Angadi Nature

Age is a critical factor and will never stop, everyone is crossing this bridge with their immense experience and thoughts, even though by keeping all these experience sometime we use to commit intentional mistakes with wrong steps. Again time is a real master which will teach best steps with factual results. Earnings and savings should be a part of life. It's a dependency that we have to earn for better savings, we cannot depend on someone wallet to make our life joyful, which includes parents earning. I am not intentionally writing these sentences because we experience lot of these facts on day to day life, but one can understand the non-profit business only when he learn to value the individual interest and understand the word mutual respect. 
Photography is not limited to landscape but it's an individual interest with his hobby. Catching shots on streets does make a sense of photography. Visiting villages taking the candid shots brings more reality, and personally i have seen those photographic blogs. But here the blog will host all types of photos with limited info of the place and it's interest, because this blog meant for photos and a thought when you see these photos. 
End of the time it's a personal interest to write a blog and is an unquestionable.

Angadi a place of cultural heritage and beautiful nature.


Angadi nature


Angadi Lake

Just to say Green


One of the Angadi Lake

Angadi Road

18 MM




Beautiful Karnataka

Namma Malenadu

Shows the Raining effect

Angadi Village

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