Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa, (Near to Castle Rock Railway station)

We had Been to Dudhsagar Falls recently, we have traveled to this place by train and we have covered most of the places near by. Initially we have started from Bangalore but we were get down at Arasikere to join our team.
That was a Sunday, We do not have the regular train Chalukya which is running from Bangalore to Mumbai, one more train Sharavathi which is running only on Sunday from Mysore to Dadhar via Londa and Collem, train was running 2 Hrs late, we got the train at 11:00 AM at Arasikere and we have reached Hubli around 3:30 PM, our plan was to stay at Hubli and travel to Dudhsagar by the next day, fortunately this train was going via Londa, train reached Londa at 5:30 PM evening, we stayed at near by lodge (not so good), morning we got a train at Londa to Dudhsagar via Castle Rock "we took the return ticket too from Londa", this was our best journey on Konkan Railway, we crossed few stations on the way that is Kashanatti and Tinai Ghat, train is crossing Tunnels and the mountains of western ghats, Train was stopped at Castle Rock station for few minutes to add one more Engine at the back to pull the load in Ghats, Finally we reached Dudhsagar railway station, Dudhsagar Falls is not far from the Railway station, we have crossed Two Tunnels on the way, it was a rainy season obviously plenty of greenery around and we have seen water is drizzling from the top of the mountains and the tunnels, there are few falls where we spent the time in water falls, we took many shots on the way and of Dudhsagar Falls, as this was the Sunday we do not have much time to spend because there will be a one train which is from Mumbai and this train has a stop at Dudhsagar railway station, we packed our camera kits and bags saying good bye to the memorable journey, we came back to Hubli to catch the train for Bangalore.

Note : There are train TC from Dudhsagar station, be aware that you have return ticket to Londa or Hubli, because there is no Ticket counter at Dudhsagar station.

How to Reach Dudhsagar Falls
1. If you are traveling from Public transport you can get the train facility to reach Londa or Dudhsagar railway station, where train is the only public transport that can reach Dudhsagar station, i am pointing to Londa because you can get the facility to stay and then travel. (Remember Lodges are not so maintained properly in Londa)
 2. If you have your own vehicle then you can travel to Dudhsagar via Londa - Ramanagar - castle Rock, you could park your vehicle near castle Rock station, as i mentioned above "train is the only public transport that can reach the Dudhsagar station" From here you need to wait for train to Dudhsagar Falls OR you can start trekking from castle Rock but it will be little bit far..
3. You can get the bus to Castle rock from Ramanagara which is 3 Km away from Londa, this bus running on regular schedule. First trip starts at 8:00 Am morning everyday, These buses are running from Dandeli depot of KSRTC
4. We have not experienced problems with Leeches, unless one will walk into the deep forest.

Londa Junction

Tinai Ghat

Another Shot of Tinai Ghat
KSRTC Bus awaiting train signal near Castle Rock

Zoom It to view the bus route

Castle Rock

Castle Rock

Dudhsagar Railway Station

Started walking on track
Keep going
That is Dudh SagarFalls

Dudhsagar station

Dudhsagar Railway track

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

A View of Western Ghats
Pleasure to have water Pressure
One more

Tunnel On the  way to Dudhsagar Falls

At Falls

Mahadayi river seen from Dudhsagar Falls

Evening Light
Few steps after the falls

Beautiful Lights at Dudhsagar Falls

Drizzling water

Catching the Clouds

Added one more

Railway tracks
Tracks on the way to Dudhsagar Falls

Last Shot
Back to Dudhsagar Railway Station to catch our train



  1. Hi Sharath..
    Nice blog.

    I have a query. We have booked train tickets to dudhsagar on august 1 from bangalore to londa junction. From londa hw to reach dudhsagar falls? since most of team are not willing for trekking from castle rock. We want to reach dudhsagar station/falls directly. Please list out the options to reach there.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hello Bharrgav Sr,

      Here is my below details :-)

      1. Primary note is that there were no ticket counters at Dudh sagar railway station, it is just a requested stop for Dudhsagar falls visitors. From Dudhsagar station you have to cross few tunnels before to see the Falls.

      2. If you are planing to go Londa from Bangalore, well it's a good Idea, from Londa you can get the trains to Dudhsagar station directly, so no need to trek all the way from Castle Rock, you can also get the return ticket from Londa either to go Bangalore or Hubli. (Note : While going to DudhSagar falls get the return tickets in Londa beware of train TC's they are very Rude)

      3. Try to start morning at Londa, you will get the morning trains to Dduhsagar station and get some food and drinks packed. there is a small Bakery at Dudhsagar Station but do not rely on that might be it is not opened !

      4. If you are a trekking enthusiast then it's a good route for the trekking, Ramanagara a small city like Londa which is approximately 3 km away from Londa, there you can get the KSRTC Buses to Castle Rock, these buses are available at 8:00 AM every morning, these Buses are running from Dandeli depot, As you can see the above picture of KSRTC Bus which is running fom Ramanagara to Castle Rock Railway station.

      Thank you for visiting the blog sir.

  2. Is there any place for camping near dudhsagar falls...? Need your assistance...

    1. There are many places near by falls for camping. Might be you require permission from railway department i am not sure on that, better if you check with the railway station masters of Londa, castle rock and dudhsagar stations.

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