Saturday, 25 January 2014

Joida, Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka

Blog writing is became an hobby for me, where ever I go I could catch some best snaps and write it in my blog and this is useful when I am asking myself a question why I had been to those places, I have been to Joida taluk on the way to Dandeli, Joida taluk is in Uttara kannada district of Karnataka, 90% of the total area of this taluk covered by Kali river forest (Anshi National forest) this forest provides habitat for india’s most rarest animals and birds, Seems the paddy is the major agricultural output from this area, as a taluk place i never see well boarding facility or the best hotel, i like the way these places are still, where these places are doesn’t have touch to modernization. We were stayed at William’s homestay at Joida quite a good hospitality.
Joida is 25 Km away from Dandeli taluk and 95 Km from Hubli, Most of the visiting places are much nearer to Dandeli so could be the reason that this place is isolated.
Joida City....

Paddy Fields

Siddeshwara Temple, Joida

Paddy Fields

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