Friday, 29 August 2014

Haluvalli Subramanya temple, Kalasa, Mudigere, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

I have visited 40+ places with my camera kit, i always felt completeness when i use to turn on those pages again. Traveling in a rainy season really provides some special touch to photos. A morning welcomed with rainbow at Balehonnur, hopes to have sunny day, not completely! It’s in turn raining intermittently, Fulfilling the life every ware. We started from Balehonnur towards Kalasa on the way we have visited the Lord Eshwara temple at Haluvalli, which comes under Kalasa gramapanchayat, Mudigere taluk, Bhadra River viewed opposite to the Subramanya temple.

We use to visit many places, sometimes too many places per day, a very few places brings our imagination to practical life. One of my friends asked a question why we have to stop and visit temples, church, mosque etc. Instead to keep the speed on top to reach target places, we the Human beings willing to live wealthy life despite to others. One who wants to rule all the good and bad decisions, surely that time will come to an end and have to keep the things in front of the survivor. Meaning is in simple sentence of Yajnavalkya Upanishad “ In a daily duty human beings practices good and bad sensuality even they are aware of the things. As Samittu (sticks) in Agni (fire) turned into Ashes like our prayer and meditation in front of the survivor (Shiva) vanishes all the good and bad karma ” And is an excuse to turn ourselves into a better way of life.

Morning at Balehonnur

Rainbow seen in Balehonnur

Balehonnur nature

Balehonnur to Kalasa road

Haluvalli Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple

Haluvalli Subramanya Temple
Nature and Temple

Subrahmanyeswara Temple Haluvalli near betageri

Inside subrahmanyeswara swamy temple
About Subramanya Swamy

One More

Temple Gopura

Temple Premises
Haluvalli temple near kalasa

Bhadra River

Kalaseshwara temple Kalasa
Haluvalli Temple

Nearby school children

Nagara Kallu

Thunga Bhadra in Summer

Subramanya Temple at Kalasa

Nature seen near the temple

Bridge nearby the temple

Last one


  1. Hi Bro,

    This is Sneha.. while I was posting a comment for a serial jothe jotheyali.. somebody mentioned about haluvalli.. when I googled it I got to see your blog.. You have posted amazing pics in your blog .. I think you are a true wanderer of nature.. so much of life the images have!!..perfect the one you mentioned that photo is a thought.. I havent seen many of these places but your images have taken me there..You have also guided how to go to those spots..Thanks for the pics like these.. Keep posting and Keep rocking as a traveller :)

    1. Thanks Sister for visiting the blog and sharing your thoughts :-)

  2. Amazing blog for wonderful western ghats in Karnataka :)

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  5. Hello Sir,

    Could I get the Landline Number of this temple

    1. Sorry Madam,

      I don't have the info, you can catch the Facebook page to get the more information.


  6. Sharath,
    Great blog, great pictures. Amazing temple. Recently our family visited this temple and it is simply the best.

  7. Thanks for guiding these temple. Am planning to go this weekend.

  8. Thanks for guiding this. Am very eager to see this place.