Thursday, 1 November 2012

My First SLR Experience

This is my first experience on SLR camera, i was really surprised by looking at the photos and the details of the subjects in internet especially Picasa and Flickr. I took more than a 1000 shots before these shots, after all i am a new user to SLR camera. I am looking at the lot of options which tends me to learn but it's not an easy for a day, experience and spending the time with try and error can make the things perfect. I will be posting my collections of photos in future, then only i can compare the throttle level of camera and my skills. I will keep on updating this post in future to get the complete view of my Experience.

I have updated some helpful topics under the below post. Hope this will clear some doubts.

First Experimental Shot


A different Exposure of saturation

Once again a natural light a Silhouette

This shot was taken with adjusting the Shutter against the light source

Silhouette Shot

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Shiradi Ghat View on the NH 48 (Hassan to Mangalore)

Shiradi Ghat a route which everyone is aware and most of them are frequently traveled on this route, the idea behind my blog writing is to catch the best spots of the visiting places in my camera and kept it as proof for the tomorrow when all the future changes can be compared and possible to provoke it to revert back. This NH75 will go 6 line highway in future and will cause some level of damage to Western Ghats sure. It would be a better Idea if they develop the existing railway track and provide more routes. As railway transportation will be more effective in comparison to Road and Air.

Sri Chowdeshwari temple B/W the Sakleshpur and Gundya
Pleasure to watch the beauty of the western Ghats
Shiradi Ghat
In summer
Shiradi Ghat Road
NH 75
A View from NH 75
Gundya Cross
Dharmasthala garden

Dharmasthala Road
Netravati river

A View from NH 48

Barchina halla setuve

NH 75

Perfect Summer

Kechanakumari Reserve Forest


Near sakleshpur


Coffee land sakleshpur


Anemahal panchayat