Thursday, 25 December 2014

Sree Vijaya Durga kshetra and Hassan outskirts, Karnataka

Visiting Unknown places creates positive wave in our mind, same way known places too, the monument and the history behind the architecture is the soul of the place and nature will create a magical scene that tends human beings to visit these places again and again. There are many places like these and that will create excitement to catch some beautiful shots around and make those things visible to the blog visitor. God not just present inside the four walls made by human beings, in-turn a human being should realize that presence of God in each and every object and wherever we go either it is Temple, church, mosque. Idol worshiping is a sacred place from which we could get positive energy, in Hinduism where DHARMA stands their peace and supreme power emerges. Thanks to Devudu Narasimha Shastry a veteran Kannada writer who presented wonderful Kannada novel's "MAHADARSHANA" "MAHAKSHATHRIYA" and "MAHABRAHMANA" which denotes and enrich the VEDA's presence.

A day out in Hassan district and some snaps below.

Vijaya Durga Kshetra


Temple premises

Vijaya durga Kshetra
A day out with my Camera

Inside the temple

Final Shot

Evening view from Mavinakere Ranganatha Swamy betta