Thursday 1 November 2012

My First SLR Experience

This is my first experience on SLR camera, i was really surprised by looking at the photos and the details of the subjects in internet especially Picasa and Flickr. I took more than a 1000 shots before these shots, after all i am a new user to SLR camera. I am looking at the lot of options which tends me to learn but it's not an easy for a day, experience and spending the time with try and error can make the things perfect. I will be posting my collections of photos in future, then only i can compare the throttle level of camera and my skills. I will keep on updating this post in future to get the complete view of my Experience.

I have updated some helpful topics under the below post. Hope this will clear some doubts.

First Experimental Shot


A different Exposure of saturation

Once again a natural light a Silhouette

This shot was taken with adjusting the Shutter against the light source

Silhouette Shot