Monday, 1 May 2017

Awesome Trees and Light

Calm mind and cool weather creates a healthy day for every human being, for any photographer even a barren land will create a awesome shots. Land and landscapes owns unique habitat and the people. If any one really likes a place within his culture and his habitat then even a wealthiest land will not create vibe. In spite of like and dislike which is a part of everyone's life, but finding the ultimate sole in everything makes a perfect outcome of real life, this makes to world beautiful. From younger to the oldest, where different age showoff the faces of life, in that the nature art is awesome and stays permanent, where one can see everything but with different perspective with different materialistic view.

Sagvani tree

Shot from selection


Near Dattapeeta



Nature art

Many more

Tiger Land


Lenovo shot

A land of nature

Memorable shots

Memorable shots in great place

Morning mist

Perspective shot

Another perspective shot
Grass land and forest

Morning lights

Tree lights

Morning lights between trees

Trees and Trees

Morning mist


Another and more

Deep inside


Parasite plants on trees

Saguvani tree

Ginger Field Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur Cultivation land

Muthugada mara

Deviramma temple Road