Sunday, 1 January 2017

Deviramma Betta, Chikmagalur

This is my 100 post in my Blog and of-course a special post with beautiful mountain ranges of Western Ghats.
Deviramma gudda considered to be one of the hardest trekking route in the western ghats, because of high volume of people use to trek every year in deepavali, due to this the grass and muddy surface becomes such a smooth even negligence step may slip. Concrete steps are there at the starting point. only strong stick could hold against the powdery surface. The top of the mountain provides 360 degree areal view, a long stretch of chandradrona mountains visible on all angles and Goddess Deviramma presence proves the successful trekking for such a vast number of people every year. Posting those beautiful shots of Deviramma temple and the goddess own place.

Deviramma Temple
Deviramma Betta
Starting Point
Few meters with Concrete path
Concrete steps

To the top
Deviramma Gudda from Nikon SLR

Kemmannugundi Belt

Human path

Lenovo Mobile shot

Deviramma Gudda

Powdery soft !


Deviramma Gudda

Quality diminished in mobile camera

Landscape from Deviramma Gudda


middle of the mountain

Land of Estates

Slippery view point !

Red Flag of Danger warning !

Greatest Landscapes

A shot from SLR

ZOOM to view the Deviramma temple

Bettada Deviramma

Agni kunda at the top of Deviramma Gudda

And at the top of Deviramma Gudda

Water is too costly at the top !

That is Deviramma Temple at the bottom

Deviramma Idol at the top of the mountain

Running a round

Landscape view

Deviramma gudda is visible from Galikere and from Dattapeeta

More shots

Step by Step

Another View

The second mountain can be visible from Mullayanagiri
Deviramma, Chikkamma, and Halamma temple at the Bottom

Most expected crowd in deepavali

Deviramma Temple

Anna dasoha in deepavali

Evening shot of Deviramma Gudda

Around Deviramma temple

Few more shots to prove the Karnataka Beauty


Temporary tent for Deepavali Dasoha

Temple premises


Last shot at Deviramma temple