Monday, 27 June 2016

Sode vadiraja mutt (sonda), Sirsi, uttara Kannada

Sode or Sonda vadiraja Mata is one of the eight mutt of Udupi Sri Krishna Ashta mathas. Sonda road deviated on the way from Sirsi to yallapura road, it's 22 KM from sirsi town. A deep forest provides a great pleasure for driving. Rama trivikrama temple, Brindavana of Swami Vadiraja Thirtha and acres more land gives a perfect day out.

Sonda Mutt
Lake in front of the mata


Rama temple


Sodhe mutt

History of Rama trivikrama temple

Sri Kshetra

From inside the temple

Rama Trivikrama temple

Gharbha Gudi

A perspective view

Temple a round

Sodhe mata

About Vadirajaru

Brindavana of Swami Vadiraja Thirtha

Brindavana of Swami Vadiraja Thirtha at Sonda

Sri maha Rudra devaru

A view of kalyani

Sri Rama papavimochana Theertha

Small temple inside Brindavana of Swami Vadiraja Thirtha

Brindavana of Swami Vadiraja Thirtha

Brindavana of Swami Vadiraja Thirtha

Sodhe vadiraja mutt


Premises of Sonda mata

sonda mutt

Pano of Swami Vadiraja Thirtha

Sirsi Marikamba Temple, Sirsi, Uttara Kannada

Sirsi Marikamba Temple.

Finest art on the temple walls and doors is the main attraction of sirsi marikamba temple, busiest streets, small roads and plane area of healthy vegetation is the reason for this growing city. There are many places around Sirsi where nature is the key which attracts more visitors, tourism and agriculture is the main economic background.

Sirsi Marikamba

Marikamba Devi

Temple inside

Sirsi temple

Marikamba Temple

One more view

Idagunji, Honnavara, Uttara Kannada

Idagunji welcome arch seen at Manki, place manki comes after Murudeshwara, Kannada spoken in Havyaka style. Most of us are reviewing the places of importance and behind story, photos brings interest and usually this is the reason for browsing, A randomly taken shots on the way will bring the imagination into perspective.


Idagunji Temple premises
Idagunji Sri Maha Ganapathi

Now it is Concrete road


Lack of cleanliness seen all around

2 km from the Highway

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Gokarna, kumata, Uttara Kannada

Gokarna a walk-around

It's another photographers place where one can find a perfect streets with lot of saturation and natural contrast, Gokarna is a old city which might be exposed less for modernization both in building construction and it's culture, it's a good news too, Gokarna is a symbol of Karnataka Havyaka Culture, Gokarna Mhabaleshwara temple is administered by Sri Ramachandrapura Mata of hosanagara, as many places in Karnataka where Kannada people struggling with migrating people and this place is much exposed due to rich forest resources and it's beautiful places, hope at last this blog would provide a sense for outsiders to keep and encourage the Kannada Culture on exposing the Ancient culture in its better way, avoiding the barriers of intruders language and avoid exposing hippies in Gokarna OM beach would be enough to keep the city clean.

On the way to Gokarna

Gokarna Mhabaleshwara

Maha Ganapathi Temple Gokarna

Gokarna Streets

Goshala inside the temple

Gokarna Beach

Sunset timing

Gokarna OM beach

Gokarna evening

Ending the day at Gokarna