Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Catching the evening light !

Time never stops, irrespective of individual where one can stop and settled for a while even though  time will never wait ! After a long time we traveled around few KM near by hometown, we met with a team of camera enthusiast, they are from near by district and few of them are out of state, they spent whole day around and visited near by villages, astonishing thing is they are so professionals where they have taken the most beautiful images of our villages, i was stun for a while, of-course they had a complete camera kit with lot of equipment packages, this tends everyone to look at what is there around, we use visit places to catch the shots the same will apply here, just think before to catch the shots, the difference between these two is " thinking" , first one shoot then think, second one is think before you shoot, if you agree to this sense of perspective then no body can stop a thinking photographer. I am so impressed of those thinking photographers, Thanking to those hobbyist photographers who helped me to remember the lessons of both camera and the subject, just we need to "THINK"

An Evening around

More colors

A slight Different angle

Zoom out

Stay at home


A small plant

A Different Mixture