Tuesday 18 February 2014

Kalyala falls, Madikeri, Karnataka

Kalyala falls, we were been to this place in wrong season, we didn't see much water as we expected but the experience to reach the kalyala falls is awesome. we were in our own vehicle to reach the target Kalyala falls, on the way to Madikeri - Mangalore highway near Sampaje, we took left turn towards kalyala, it's not a concrete road but still a car can reach to the top of the place. We have parked our vehicle nearby house, we been to so many places and lounged near by estates houses, finally we have found the way to kalyala falls, it is completely steep way, we have tried our best to get some good snaps but not happened, later we realized that we would have bring rope and accessories to go further in steep. It was just 50-50 experience ! after all it is a winter season.

How to reach kalyala falls.
1. On the way to Madikeri - Mangalore highway.
2. Take left turn near Sampaje.
3. By walk it would be difficult and too far, get your vehicle or hire any three wheeler near sampaje.
4. You will find the foot path way to Falls.
5. Beware of steepness.
Road to kalyala

Rubber Plantation

Parking place !

Calculating the height

vehicle path

Too Much slippery

Not much water.