Sunday, 13 July 2014

Somanathapura Keshava Temple, Somanathapura, T Narasipura Taluk, Mysore

A lot of hopes before we been to Somanathapura and was not disappointed too, week end we had been to somanathapura temple which comes in Tirumakudal-narsipur Taluk (t narasipura) of Mysore district, considering the architecture of Belur and Halebidu, this temple really stands unique in Hoysala Architecture, a lot of visitors seen to catch the beauty of Keshava temple and is built by “ SOMA “ a Dandanayaka under Hoysala Empire. The only difference you will notice here is the Idol pooja has been stopped! And quite looks like really abandoned really!!!! It is also maintained and protected by Archeological Survey of India. We had been many temples in Karnataka where immense enthusiasm and the devotions are expressed through a great architectures and monuments, Hoysala sounds prime and pioneer of all those Kingdoms. May be traditional pooja were conducted in Somanathapura Keshava temple Now it is stopped and looks like a crow sitting over an abandoned temple, yes it is an ODD to here !. Whatever, evergreen construction drawing the attention of visitors from all over the world.

Traveling Route
Bangalore to somanathapura – 137 KM
Bangalore – Kanakapura – Malavalli – Somanathapura

Mysore to somanathapura – 35 KM
Mysore – Bannuru – Somanathapura

Mandya to somnathpur – 38 KM
Mandya – Kirugavalu – Bannuru – Somanathapura

Places Nearby.
Mysore, T narasipura, Mudukuthore, Shivanasamudra, Talakadu,

Route Map for most visiting places.

Bangalore to Shravanabelagola - 144 KM
Shravanabelagola to Channarayapatna - 14 KM
Channarayapatna to Hassan - 40 KM
Hassan - Mosale - 11 KM
Hassan to Halebidu - 30 KM
Halebidu to Belavadi - 13 KM
Halebidu to Belur - 18 KM
Belavadi to Belur - 30 KM (via Kalasapura and Kaimara handpost)
Hassan to koravangala - 12 KM  (Towards Arasikere road)
Near sathanur

On the Way Somanathapura

Well maintained Garden

That is the point


somanathapura temple

Pillars are in good condition

Idol inside the temple

Lord Ganesha

A lot you can see

Temple a view

Lines of Idols

A perspective

One more angle

Temple Inside


One more angle

Somnathpur Temple


Aperture effect


Photos are Non Stop for visitors

Star shaped temple

Ambaari !

Temple outside

garuda gamba

Temple Entrance

Garden covers the temple

One more perspective

Final thought of the temple

Shivanasamudra Falls, Malavalli and Kollegala, Mandya and Chamarajanagar Districts

After visiting Somanathapura and Talakadu we headed towards Shivanasamudra to visit Gagana chukki and Bhara Chukki. Raining intermittently proving our hopes to get a bunch of images of Water falls, but not happened. It is a rainy season but complete area of the Kaveri River not received average rain fall during this season, caused little disappointed, at least we got some good snaps of the nature. Catching the beauty of the mountains and Ranganatha swamy temple which is on the way to Bara Chukki accomplished the one day motor bike ride to southern part of Karnataka.

Bangalore to shivanasamudra falls - 135 KM
Bangalore - kanakapura - malavalli - Shivanasamudra falls

places nearby : Somanathapura, Talakadu, MM Hills, Mysore

Bangalore to Kollegala Road
Gagana Chukki
shivanasamudra hydro power plant

shivanasamudra hydro power plant

Pump house View point

Bridge at Bara Chukki

Bridge View
Bara Chukki

Wet roads

Bara Chukki

At darga

Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Ranganatha swamy temple inside

Temple inside
Channel on the way to Bara Chukki

kaveri river

Old bridge

Way Back to Bangalore

Talakadu, T Narasipura Taluk, Mysore

After visiting the Somanathpur, on the way we have visited the Talakadu Vydyanatheshwara temple, talakadu comes in T narasipura taluk of Mysore district. Here the Lord Shiva incarnate as Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara and Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna as panchalingeshwara. we tried our level best to cover the Vydyanatheshwara temple. here is some of the snaps of the temple.

Traveling route
Mysore to talakadu - 50 KM
Bangalore to talakadu - 131 KM
Somnathpur to talakadu - 25 KM

Places Nearby.
Mudukuthore, Mysore, T narasipura, Shivanasamudra, Somanathpur

talakadu temple

talakad vaidyanatheshwara

Talakadu Temple View

Shiva Linga

Shiva Linga

Shiva Linga 1

Shiva Linga


Shiva Linga 1

Shiva Linga 2

Shiva Linga 3

Shiva Linga 4

Shiva Linga 5

Talakadu Temple premises

Temple premises

Talakadu temple a round

talakad vaidyanatheshwara