Friday, 17 October 2014

Art Of Living, kanakapura Road, Bangalore

Life means happiness, living the life with happiness is an Art of living, and for me photography is an art and thought of life. Last Sunday we have visited the Art of living Ashram at Udaypura near kanakapura road Bangalore. Art of living was founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The Art of Living offers stress-elimination programs which include breathing techniques, meditation and yoga.

Age is a magical time at every moment, if anyone forgot to do the duties of Karma OR Bramha which creates an unwilling mind and tends to build depression around. Understanding is the shortest distance between two people. As fingers in our hands are unequal same way some people needs less motivation and someone always. If one couldn't see anyone to motivate him, he will start to search for the people and places to get that one, with those he will learn to get the happiness and enthusiasm and this is an Art of Living. The way of moving towards happiness is an individual thought OR the way they lived and one can live with the physical things and someone live with logical things. Finally these facts will bring the happiness at the end.

Art of Living entrance

Inside Art of Living

Art of Living

Sri Vishalakshi Mantap

Art of Living


gautama buddha

Vaidic Dharma Samsthan

Art of Living premises


Sri Vishalakshi mantap Entrrance


Well maintained garden

You will shoot many angles


from mantapa

One more angle

Art of Living panorama

A view from Art of Living

Lake viewed from Art of Living

Near Kitchen Hall

Kitchen Gate

Way from Dining Hall

Information center at Art of Living



Art of Living

Visitors lodge

Art of Living

Art of Living

Art of Living


Art of Living
Clover leaf Nice road Bangalore

Kanakpura road toll gate


Black and white


Art of Living

One more angle

Lord Ganesha

Art of Living

Monday, 6 October 2014

Sri Harihareshwara temple, Doddagadvalli, Hassan, Karnataka

Sri Harihareshwara temple which is near doddagadvalli lakshmidevi temple, what points me to visit this place is because of its unique in construction and the viewable angle on all sides of the temple. From backside of this temple you can see Lakshmidevi temple as Helicopter view. Children’s playing in the temple premises provides perfect subjects to the concept. All and all it’s a perfect place to visit in the evening, you will get more natural colors to shoot and a better images.

This temple lies slightly in highest place than laksmidevi temple near Doddagadvalli.

Sri Harihareshwara Temple doddagadvalli

Sri Harihareshwara Temple doddagaddavalli

Temple tower

Entrance to Sri Harihareshwara Temple doddagaddavalli

Sri Harihareshwara Temple at doddagaddavalli

Sri Harihareshwara Temple doddagaddavalli

Sri Harihareshwara Temple a view

Sri Harihareshwara Temple doddagadarvalli
Doddagadvalli Lakshmidevi temple viewed from Sri Harihareshwara temple

Evening cloud

Bracketing shot at Doddagaddavalli

Landscape seen at doddagaddavalli


Far one is Seege Gudda


Fun time
One more