Sunday, 4 May 2014

Visiting the places near Sakleshpur, Hassan, Karnataka.

We spent a day to visit two old houses which is still holding the voice of our old traditional rural life in between the rush of modern side of construction, these two houses are in Sakelshpur taluk of Hassan District, one is in udewara and other one is in Narvey, thanks to the monsoon atmosphere and attractive lights, udewara house was pretty old believed to be it was built before 500 years ago, this house believed to be built by the landlords (Jamindaaaru), this house is not maintained properly ! i was astonished that these houses having more facility even todays generation was not even have a thought about that, we spoken to one of the owner of udewara house and he shared that his family was having more than 1000 acres of land which was completely the current village and near by villages, now currently they are holding a few acres of land loosing the Vast area, another Narvey house which is maintained properly which provokes perspective of thinking b/w old and new generation, looking at these type of houses i can say we are loosing the hold on our lived and living culture, what ever the situation, race and critics. thanks to the house owners for the best snaps.
BM Road


School Field at udewara

Rural Life

A view of Udewara House

More clear view of Udewara House

Udewara house

Inside Udewara House

View of Udewara house

Not Well Maintained

View from udewara House

Front Door of udewra house
Front View

kumaraswamy temple at udewara
Deviramma Temple

Deviramma temple side

Devirammana kere

Deviramma Temple Area

Devirammana kere
Narvey Temple

Narvey House

Narvey house

Front Door of Narvey house