Friday 13 February 2015

Sri Guru Dattatreya Baba Budan Giri

Sri Guru Dattareya baba budan swamy darga, a beautiful place present in the mid of the mountains, this place comes on the way to kemmannugundi. A place is also known for some communal agitation. Inside the cave temple Hindu goddess idol was been worshiped by other community priest and you will find lot of samadhis of Gurus. A word HOME referred to a place where family could enjoy the guest hospitality, guests are those who came to enjoy the presence of wonderful moments and leave the home with happiness. Here if any kannadiga will travel through the bababudan giri will definitely understand the hidden curtains. Many of the people who are living and settled here they even don’t know the Kannada language, government OR responsible authorities might not be interested to identify the migrated people. Bababudan giri is the place of unknown people and one will scare to walk alone !! thanks.

Chikmagalur - Bababudan Giri - 34 KM (via Attigundi)

A view of Bababudan Giri

Datta Peeta

Sri Guru Dattatreya Baba Budan Giri

Inside the Sri Guru Dattatreya temple

Secured !!!!


Temple Authority

Samadhis of Gurus


One more

A view of Bababudan Giri

Hotel on the way

Traveling shot

one more

A Resort on the way

Somewhere on the way


Baba budan Giri

Silver trees every ware

Monday 2 February 2015

Sitallayyana Giri, Via Chikmagalur to mullayanagiri Road, Karnataka

Sitallayana Giri located on the way to the Mullayana Giri, Sri Sitala Mallikarjuna swamy temple is viewable on the road. The magnificent viewable distances from the top creates an excitement and one can himself never stop by moving around. The complete area of these mountains called as Chandra Dhrona Hill Ranges. Dattareya peeta OR Bababudan Giri, Mullayana Giri, Sitalayyana Giri and Kemmannugundi all these Hill stations come in the same belt. In a one day these places can be easily covered, there are lot of homestay are present but not sure how those are secured for the family !, better a group of 5 -10 members will be the best to stay in the remote home stays. All and all this place is just awesome for one day visit.

Traveling route : Chikmagalur - Sitallayanagiri (On the way to Mullayanagiri)

Sitalagiri Temple

Sitallayanagiri temple


Morning shot


Sri Sitala Mallikarjuna swamy temple

Sri Sitala Mallikarjuna swamy temple

Near by Sitallayana Giri

Will be a Spectacular view in the mid sunny day