Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Siddaganga mutt, Tumkur, Karnataka

This entire blog meant for traveling photography, these photos viewable for every eye with different angle, two of my gear’s awaiting a journey after one month, and of course it must be a complete one, a day out towards Siddaganga Mutt at Tumkur district. This journey provokes the mind into perspective way, the beautiful nature around after a rainy day and the spiritual sense. An adorer who visit the temple, mosque, church or Gurudwara whatever, his meditation and prayer finally meant for the word “Desire”, God is the only super natural power in this world where one can feel subside his accountability of good and bad.

Seer who came here for meditation and dissemination of Shiaivism thus the siddaganga mutt comes in to shrine. The name Siddaganga evolved from “sacred Ganga “(sacred water) which is nearby the cave, where one of the saint was in severe thirst and he prayed his Guru Sri Golasiddeshwara , Sri Golasiddeshwara started from Hale mutt and came towards the cave he strike the stone by his knee and a leap  water hole is created thus the Holy water called as Ganga, birth of this sacred water by saint (saint = “Siddaru”) was named as “ SIDDAGANGA “ this place was later immaculate by sri yediyur siddhalingeshwara swamy through his meditation. This Holy Ganga water is been worshiped as “Siddagangamma devi “and Siddalingeshwara swamy temple present opposite to this temple.

Apart from this the Sree mutt conducting the Akshara dasoha in Karnataka, promoting the education and morality. Sri shivakumara swamiji  (“Nededaduva Devaru”) is the present Mathadhipathi of sri Siddaganga Mutt, it’s an appreciated work from both Sri Siddaganga Mutt and Sri Adichunchanagiri mutt conducting the Akshara Dasoha in a vast manner and both are two eyes of Karnataka.

Bangalore to Siddaganga mutt - 66 KM towards Bangalore - Pune highway
Tumkur to siddaganga mutt - 10 KM

Honda Trigger

Back and front
Dasarahalli lake

Sri Maruthi Sai Dham

Railway Track near Siddaganga Mutt

Ramadevara Betta near Siddaganga Mutt

Bangalore to Pune road

Entrance to Siddaganga Mutt

Sri Siddaganga Mutt

Sri Siddalingeshwara Temple, Siddaganga Mutt, Tumkur

Sri Siddagangamma temple

About Siddaganga

Sri Siddalingeshwara Swamy sannidhi
A View from Siddaganga Mutt

A landscape view from Siddaganga mutt

Siddalingeshwara temple road for vehicles

Way to Siddalingeshwara and Siddagangamma Temple

Siddaganga School

Mass prayer held here at siddaganga mutt

Catching the Bough

Sree Sree's Shivayoga Mandira

Sri Siddaganga Swamiji Shivayoga Mandira

Meadow inside Sree Sree's Shivayoga Mandira

Sri Uddana Shivayogigala Gadduge



A complex Inside Siddaganga Mutt

Shri Siddaganga Mutt Tumkur
Sanskrit School founded 1917
Sree Mutt Hostel Block

kalyani inside Siddaganga Mutt

Dining Hall


Goshala at Siddaganga Mutt

Improving Garden
Agricultural and industrial Exhibition : final shot at mutt

Railway track going near Bangalore to Pune Highway

Chennai 366 KM
Mahindra Scorpio in my experimental shots

Moving vehicle Shot

Third one

Fourth one

Fifth one


Shringa Giri Sri Shanmuga temple at Night

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

koravangala temple, Hassan, Karnataka

Presenting one more post of Hoysala architecture, the most beautiful temples of Karnataka, koravangala Bhucheshwar temple is in Hassan district, it's a 12 km distance from the district head quarters. it was built by Hoysala King Veera Ballala 2nd, this temple was built in 1173 A.D, i am visiting these type of temples and collecting snaps would create some level of interest for the usual visitors of Belur and Halebidu. Many of the historical monuments are still being ignored, best example is Sri Govindeshwara temple that is in ruined state which is near to the premises of koravangala Bhuchechwara temple, If you could see the last images where those temples are completely ignored and is really richer in architecture. This temple is protected as a monument of national importance by the Archaeological Survey of India, near by ruined Sri Govindeshwara temple also comes under the same government entity but difficult to understand the ignorance.

How to reach Koravangala Bhucheshwara Temple
Hassan - koravangala : This place comes on the way to Hassan - Arasikere route, koravangala comes after cheernalli, there were no boards for this route due to widening of the existing road, ask any villager to know the exact route. After Traveling 10 km you need to take right diversion then travel 2 km to reach the temple place.

Hoysala Temples

Few more hoysala temples in the below detailed links with photos

Route Map for most visiting places.

Bangalore to Shravanabelagola - 144 KM
Shravanabelagola to Channarayapatna - 14 KM
Channarayapatna to Hassan - 40 KM
Hassan - Mosale - 11 KM
Hassan to Halebidu - 30 KM
Halebidu to Belavadi - 13 KM
Halebidu to Belur - 18 KM
Belavadi to Belur - 30 KM (via Kalasapura and Kaimara handpost)
Hassan to koravangala - 12 KM  (Towards Arasikere road)

Railway Track near by Korvangala
Goods Train

Ammembal Subbarao Pai Bhavan


A view of korvangla Temple

koravangala temple

koravangala temple Panorama

Bucesvara Temple

Temple premises

A view of Buchesvara Temple

koravangala temple

Hoysala Architecture

Koravangala Temple Inscription

Idol Inside the temple


Well maintained Garden


Inside koravangala temple

Interior Design

Interior Design
Temple top view

One more angle of koravangala temple

Strongest point of Shaivism

A perspective view


Bhucheshwara temple

Deities land

Complex of Bhairava

Hoysala Temples

From Inside water well
Pride of Hoysala times

Ruined Sri Govindeshwara temple

Ruined Sri Govindeshwara temple Nearby Bhucheshwar temple

Viewable angle of Sri Govindeshwara temple, Far one is Bucheshwara temple

Complete view of Sri Govindeshwara temple

Every stone tells a history

koravangala lake side
Notes on protected temple