Friday, 21 November 2014

Bhudanoor hoysala Temples, Maddur Taluk, Mandya district, karnataka

Bhudanur village comes in Maddur taluk of Mandya district, a place near by the Bangalore to Mysore Highway is known for Hoysala historical temples. Sri Kashi vishwanatha temple and Sri Anantha Padmanabha swamy temple are located inside the Bhudanoor village which is 2 Km distance from Bangalore to Mysore Highway. This village completely exposed to modernization but not in cleanliness. Both the temples are situated in a walkable distance, these temples were built by Hoysala and in hoysala style of architecture. Both the temples becoming deteriorated due to lack of maintenance, these temples are notified by archeological survey of India. Daily pooja will be held at both the temples in the morning 7:00 AM and in the evening 4:30 PM. Once we looked at the temple design and architecture an imagination comes true that how the Hoysala kingdom solely identified from their unique style of construction even-though least designed temples doesn't give up the name " HOYSALA "

Traveling Route
Bangalore - Maddur - Bhudanoor : Bhudanoor comes after the Maddur taluk and is 2 KM distance from Bangalore to Mysore Highway

Welcome to Bhudanoor

Sri Kaashi Vishwanatha Temple
Sri Kashi Vishwanatha Temple

Protected Ancient monument

A view of Sri Kashi Vishwanatha Temple

Bhudanur Temple

Bhudanur Sri Kashi Vishwanatha Temple

Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Sri Anantha padmanabha swamy temple Bhudanooru

One more Viewable angle of Sri Anantha padmanabha swamy temple

Lack of maintenance

Sri Anantha padmanabha swamy temple

Rural Life

A view of Sri Anantha padmanabha swamy temple

Backside of Sri Anantha padmanabha swamy temple

Gharbha Gudi

Sri Anantha padmanabha swamy Idol

Sri Ganesha Idol inside the temple

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Magadi Ranganathaswamy Temple

Always searching something for good thought, i know it's bit unusual for every time but it does make a sense when those thoughts are around you. It's hard to believe the truth and digest the mistakes we did, but when the time of results we expect something great and wonder should happen but we didn't even had an idea as a thought before we do mistakes.
State of being a right or wrong is an individual thought, some people believe strongly in  GOD some people are not, but it doesn't mean that we should insist our thoughts to someone forcefully. It's all about their individuality and way they lived and living in the experience of Right !
Ranganatha swamy temple, Savanadurga, and magadi fort are located around Magadi taluk, Ranganatha Swamy Temple at Tirumale constructed as Vijayanagar style. Ranganatha swamy, Ranganayaki and Seethalaksmi idols are worshiped in the temple.

Bangalore - Magadi - Tirumale

Magadi Ranganathaswamy temple

Ranganathaswamy temple

Inside ranganathaswamy temple

Savanadurga Hill

On the Way to Magadi

Nature Shiv Ling structure

Fine landscape

Rural Life

with details


A good Shepherd

Natural sunlight shot, shadows illuminated the Rock mountain

A silver light


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Nuggehalli Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Winter is started, it’s a freezing experience to ride the bike in early morning. Our intensive speed burst the winter cold wave and triggered our enthusiasm to reach the long distance. Driving to the remote places always provoke our photography to next level. It’s not a targeted place for us but this place lies just 11 km away from the NH 75 (early 47) Nuggehalli Lakshmi Narayana temple located inside the village premises, again it is an fabulous example of Hoysala architecture, complex of macro work never been an easy and is possible only in greatest administration. Pointing the information to each corner of the temple is not my part of job after all this blog meant for traveling photography. Nuggehalli comes in channarayapatna taluk of Hassan district. This place comes between channarayapatna and Arasikere road, however if you are traveling from Bangalore towards Hassan after Hirisave take a right turn and travel 11 KM which will take you to Nuggehalli. We took some shots on the way and closing the day with few bunch of shots.
Nelamangala Anjaneya


Moist way

Warm up

Sunlight and the moon

Morning Mist


Absolute winter

Took at the temple

Temple Entrance



Inside the temple premises

Temple Inside

Nuggehalli Temple

Nuggehalli Lakshmi narayana temple


Macro work


Nuggehalli Temple

Temple premises


Inside Idol

Water well inside the temple

Near Alur Taluk

On the way to Sakleshpur

Will go down due to widening of NH 75

Road will be widened

JSS school at Baage