Thursday, 1 January 2015

Turuvekere Temples (Channakeshava and Moole Shankara temples), Tumkur district

This trip was in our mind since from an year and is been accomplished in the great time and some good shots. There are two beautiful Hoysala temples are in Turuvekere city, one is Chennakeshava Temple and Moole Shankareshwara temple, as i wrote early in the blog one can easily identify the hoysala temples by looking at the common and unique architecture. The Idols of these two temples are still being worshiped, there are Bhajans and Musical classes are also been conducting in the premises of the temple. 

How to reach hoysala temples in Turuvekere.
Turuvekere is having lot of public transport facility, daily buses are running in hourly schedule. These two temples are in the heart of the city there will not be any difficulties to find out these temples.

                                       Channakeshava Temple

Channakeshava Temple

Turuvekere Channakeshava temple

Turuvekere temple

Backside of the temple

more attention required to keep the temple clean

temple premises

temple a round

Final one

Info inside the temple

A shot near by temple

                                   Moole Shankara Temple
Moole Shankara temple

View of the Moole Shankara temple

Front view of the Moole Shankara temple



Moole Shankara temple

View from another side

One more view

A complete view of the temple
Nonavinakere lake

Nonavinakere lake

Nonavinakere lake View

Jenukal siddeshwara gudda at Arasikere

Arasikere mountains

Mountains line in the evening