Friday, 29 August 2014

Haluvalli Subramanya temple, Kalasa, Mudigere, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

I have visited 40+ places with my camera kit, i always felt completeness when i use to turn on those pages again. Traveling in a rainy season really provides some special touch to photos. A morning welcomed with rainbow at Balehonnur, hopes to have sunny day, not completely! It’s in turn raining intermittently, Fulfilling the life every ware. We started from Balehonnur towards Kalasa on the way we have visited the Lord Eshwara temple at Haluvalli, which comes under Kalasa gramapanchayat, Mudigere taluk, Bhadra River viewed opposite to the Subramanya temple.

We use to visit many places, sometimes too many places per day, a very few places brings our imagination to practical life. One of my friends asked a question why we have to stop and visit temples, church, mosque etc. Instead to keep the speed on top to reach target places, we the Human beings willing to live wealthy life despite to others. One who wants to rule all the good and bad decisions, surely that time will come to an end and have to keep the things in front of the survivor. Meaning is in simple sentence of Yajnavalkya Upanishad “ In a daily duty human beings practices good and bad sensuality even they are aware of the things. As Samittu (sticks) in Agni (fire) turned into Ashes like our prayer and meditation in front of the survivor (Shiva) vanishes all the good and bad karma ” And is an excuse to turn ourselves into a better way of life.

Morning at Balehonnur

Rainbow seen in Balehonnur

Balehonnur nature

Balehonnur to Kalasa road

Haluvalli Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple

Haluvalli Subramanya Temple
Nature and Temple

Subrahmanyeswara Temple Haluvalli near betageri

Inside subrahmanyeswara swamy temple
About Subramanya Swamy

One More

Temple Gopura

Temple Premises
Haluvalli temple near kalasa

Bhadra River

Kalaseshwara temple Kalasa
Haluvalli Temple

Nearby school children

Nagara Kallu

Thunga Bhadra in Summer

Subramanya Temple at Kalasa

Nature seen near the temple

Bridge nearby the temple

Last one

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hosamane Estate (Sargod Estate), Aldur, Chikmagalur

History is past, passed time is history as simple to say, but once we dig into the History we came to know the macro line of life which is hard to digest. It's all about the time and the age which makes a man perfect, but the life is a school where everyone is a student till death! No matter he is a senior or junior. I use to write what I see and whom i have listened to. Attitude is the way that every living creature can be defined, every attitude signals from the body language and the expression from the face. Attitude can be compared to Mononnathi (ಮನೋನ್ನತಿ) Topic of Devudu Narasimha shastry’s “MAHADARSHANA” a novel that teaches a language to life.  What you bet and opposite you get, I met two people of Sargod estate which comes in Aldur of Chikmagalur district, place name is enough to catch the nature imagination, abundant greenery animals and birds, peacock’s are dominant and they sounds creates an abstract presence, it’s a fortunate visit but a compassion stay on behalf of my friend where this place is a part of his childhood days. The only difference is they learned their life as lesson but for me my life and my books, thanks it’s my blog I am defining myself and persons I would like to write, thanks to both Shankar and Manjunath I had a chance to meet them and enhance my presence by looking at their life and their thoughts, there are more materials to describe but I don’t have enough time to consider in my life. Once again thanks to Shankar, Manjunath and Preetham of Hosamane estate of Sargod, they provided me a chance to write something about me and the place.

Aldur, Chikmagalur

Sargod Estates

Sargod forest

Hosamane Estates

Sargod Estate
Sargod Estate

Well maintained Garden

Sargod Estate View

Macro Shots


Hosamane Estate


One more

Sargod Estate

Trees stands as long as mountains

Evening shot

One more

In Lights

Clouds and Trees


In Lights
Some where
Landscape near Aldur

Kudremukh and Lakya Dam, Kudremukh, mudigere taluk, Chikmagalur

Last day we traveled towards Kudremukh from Balehonnur via kalasa, road was pretty good we were completely addicted to driving in monsoon rain, you will notice a very few tea growing areas in Karnataka and you will get better tea in a good price which is refined in the same area. Shola Grasslands and forests in the Kudremukh National Park gives eye catching scenery, iron ore factory " Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd.. " is now closed after a tremendous fight from the public and environmentalist's, visiting to the factory is been prohibited, now the factory is being demolished and the debris is getting cleared, you know for how much it was auctioned !!! it is 230 crore Indian rupees, 
There is a pollution control dam near Kudremukha which is named as Lakya Dam the debris and the residues was released to this dam, polluted water was filtered to some extent, Whatever now the good thing the mining is completely stopped it's time to keep the nature clean and safe for next generation.

Mudigere - Kalasa - Kudremukh

Samse Tea Estates

Monsoon in pleasant


kudremukh Panorama
A view of Kuremukh Iron ore factory

Lakya Dam
Lakya Dam Entrance

Lakya Dam a view

Lakya Dam

Debris in Lakya Dam

This road was built many years ago and is still in good condition

From Lakya Dam

Shola Forest kudremukh

Kudremukh forest area

Shola Forest Panorama

Inside the Lakya Dam
Lakya Dam Panorama
Shola forest

Kudremukh Forest

A view from Lakya Dam
Shola forest


Seen on the way