Saturday, 1 July 2017

Trekking Galikere from Mahal

This seems to be unique and unknown for outsiders to trek the galikere, we know vehicle can go to Galikere, however to view the nature in perspective this small trekking path surely provide a good exposure to expose the hidden landscapes. Mahal is a small village covered with mountains and 11 KM away from Galikere. Mahal is the starting point for this trekking. We were on the way to Galikere by road however one of the villager told there will be a trek route which will take 40 min to reach the galikere from Mahal village. We really looking for the same to make something different to place our foot on untouched land.
It will take at-least 40 min to reach the Galikere, one can see the 180 degree view of landscapes which is awesome to any trekkers, there is a binding with the wild animals on this belt of-course this place belongs to " Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary " we have not seen any tigers on this small trek however we have seen Lot of rabbits in this mountains with rabbit watching eagles. There is significant number of Gray langurs on these mountains, on the way we have also seen the owl and trace of deer. All and all this is one of the best trekking place if you have been to commonly visited places.

Mahal Village

Starting point

Mahal View point

Silver trees

Rabbit and Eagle place

Going far from Mahal

Lenovo Vibe


kemmannugundi Belt

And almost at the top

Lenovo mobile shot

Chikmagalur mountain lines


Galikere mountains

Nature paint

Karnataka western ghats

Quite hard to pass if one will miss the regular marked path !


Jeep Path

Level of mountains

Where you can see the mahal grama !

Same with different angle

Finally Reached Galikere

Small temple of kenchappa and Anjaneya

Lenovo Shot

Close up of Galikere

Chilled always

This one is from Nikon SLR D5100

Around the temple

kemmannugundi Belt

Speeding the shutter

Top of Galikere

Shot From SLR


Deviramma betta from galikere

evening time

Sun is already to set


Winter wind

Should wait to see the mountains lines

Evening Beauty


Marking my point

Sunset of kemmannugundi

Getting down

Lenovo Mobile Shot

We are now in Mahal to say good Bye !