Thursday 31 March 2016

2016 Monsoon Driving

Its' a habitual practice for most of us to travel towards a direction where we cannot put a full-stop to our thinking in that memory, nobody will count how many times we went to that place, because for most of us it will bring a relaxed and pleasant mind to start with our daily duties. It's all about the age and time that usually change these hobbies. A young boy use to keep memorizing those beautiful girls around, young girls fall in to the memory of most handsome, while in profession everybody use to fall in one of the hobby, these hobbies finally bring one in to a perspective to find the real truth of life.

Random Shots

Morning mist

Renovated Road

NH 77


6:00 AM

Shiradi Ghat
Kempu hole

Dharmasthala Garden


Sri Rama Temple Dharmasthala