Saturday, 1 April 2017

Kemmangundi route in winter season

Trying to post some of the best shots between Attigundi to melinahuluvatti which is on the way to kemmannugindi.

Near Kaimara
Chikmagalur outskirts

Kemmannugundi a vast vegetaion

moving shots

Towards Dattapeeta
Selective shots


Dattapeeta Road

Chikmagalur Coffee Estates

Kemmannugundi Road
Mahindra Jeep

Morning mist

Road to dattapeeta and Kemmannugundi

Karnataka Western Ghats


Silver tree plantation

Mahindra old Jeep


Dattapeeta Road


Nikon shots

Most Awaited shot

Bisagni mutt

One of the favorite location for landscape photographer

A shot from Lenovo Vibe

Lenovo vibe sample image
Melinahuluvatti road

Kemmannugundi Road

Chikmagalur Landscapes


A long shot

Karnataka Roads

Tiger Reserve

Chikmagalur Tiger Reserve

Nature and Nature and nothing beats the tallest trees and mountains

Tiger Reserve Area

Bhadra Tiger Reserve
Tiger Reserve Forest

Karnataka Tiger Reserve

Tiger Foot prints

India Tiger Reserve Forest

Thick Grass land and Thick Forest

Chikmagalur Wild Forest Area

Bhadra Tiger Reserve Forest

Tigers Land

Bhadra Forest

A View of Bhadra Tiger Reserve

A Small Water falls on the Way

Chikmagalur Tiger Reserve